What's your story? What do you need to tell the world? We all have a message we want to spread... in recent years I've made it my mission to understand and help convey some of those messages.
I'm a content specialist, performance artist, and creative storyteller. Click below to learn more. 


ABOUT Aleck Z. Woogmaster

Aleck Z. Woogmaster

Rhetoric Scientist. Performance Artist. Poet.

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Now and then I host dinner theater, appear on TV, act, direct, and help make sure that shows go off smoothly with people to see them. Basically, I love to help, and I can do it in myriad ways.


This is where you can reach out. 

Good reasons to contact me include: You're booking acts for a performance event. 

You're in need of a freelancer to help with a writing or editing project.

You need stage management, a director, or talent on stage or screen. 

You think I'm neat as all get up and you just really want me to know. 

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I'm lucky to be partnered with Ivy Estelle to write, record, produce and perform our original music all over the West Coast and beyond. We make Electro Funk Hip-Hop with a hedonistic twist.